I'm Forrest. I tried to be a pro footballer until I was 22, but Arsenal never called  back. Dunno why. Anyway, my dreams did come true, because now    I am a pro. A pro copywriter. So, a big thanks to SCA 2.0, and a massive f*ck you to Arsenal.

Before SCA, I lived in America for 6 years, where I played College Soccer for the University of Pennsylvania, and studied Creative Writing.


I did internships at Saatchis in Accounts, client side for Theory, and finally worked in the Development Department for Robert De Niro's Tribeca Productions.  If you've seen The Irishman, that was the movie I worked on. 


These days I make ads. Some of my work is for children, and some is just childish. I guess I'm still figuring out my target audience, but if you are one of those two, feel free to peruse.